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inkle looms

Re-designed Inkle Looms, made to order
Dad has been working on a new Inkle Loom design, with the first prototype being tested now! Photos and specifications on the way!
Please note the design pictured below has been retired. We will add pictures of our new design when available. Thank you

Inkle looms hand crafted by Dad. Holds up to 90" of warp!

These hand-made looms have several features, including a sliding tension-peg that easily adjusts with a thumb- or wing-nut, yet stays firmly in place while in use, an off-set base for ease of warping and weaving, and several pegs to allow different lengths of weaving, holding up to 90 inches of warp!
Price to be determined. Please contact us with your inquiries. Thank you!
Need longer warp? Custom length looms available by special order

Below are photos showing different views and features

View of the back of one of our hand-made Inkle Looms

Detail of sliding tension peg, easily adjusts with thumb-nut (pictured) or wing-nut (not pictured)

Detail of off-set base, allowing easy access warping and weaving

We are currently sold out of Inkle Looms, however we will gladly make one especially for you when you order!