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A variety of misc. items including...

Mini Alpaca Toys             
 Mini alpaca toys, approximately 3"tall. $5each
Small alpaca toys, approximately 4-5"tall, $8each
Medium and large alpaca toys are sold out.

Alpaca fur teddy bears, these oh-so-cuddely bears are made in Peru. Each bear is unique and feels like holding a little warm cloud in your hands!
Small $25
Medium $35
Large $45
Pictures coming soon.

Replace fabric softeners and dryer sheets with these all natural, 100% wool dryer balls. Just toss them in the dryer with your laundry to reduce static and even shorten drying time! Works best with small to medium size loads. Want some fragrance? A few drops of your favorite essential oils can be added (allow a minute for the oils to soak in). Our favorites are lavender or lemon. If the balls start getting static-y you can "reset" them by throwing in the wash with a load of clothes, then back into the dryer they go! 
These make a great gift too!
Natural and dyed colors available, colors vary. Use a full set of 3 balls per load for best results. Lasts for hundreds of loads!
$10/set of 3

more items coming soon!