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Our hats are hand knit, each one taking a minimum of 3 hours to create! Each hat is a one-of-a-kind work of art! We offer hats in 3 approximate size categories, small, average, and large. Styles, sizes, and colors vary.

Above, 100% Alpaca hand knit baby deer hat. Available with and without rose. $20 each. Fits newborn to approximately 9 months old. Other woodland animal baby hats available include: fox, raccoon, wild bunny, and skunk! Most are 100% Alpaca or Llama, raccoon hats also include wool and angora

Above: 100% Alpaca hand knitted "split-back" hat. This unique hat is our own original design and is a joy to wear with gracefully shaped ear flaps for extra warmth. $30. Want to make your own? Knitting pattern is available for only $3! We also carry yarn!

Alpaca and Angora Hand Knitted Split-back Hat
Rich medium brown alpaca that almost glows makes up the main body of this gorgeously warm hat. The pictures hardly do the colors justice! A soft, creamy blend of 75% Alpaca, 25% Angora edges the hat with a nice contrast of color and texture. Michigan grown, Michigan processed, and hand knitted! The shape of the hat is comfortable and the ear flap design keeps you warm! Fits an average adult. 
$30 each,  plus shipping.
We have 2 in stock! 

Gray Split-Back Hat with Braided Tassels 
75% Romney Wool, 25% Angora 
Fabulous angora and natural wool compose this lovely gray hat. The brim curls slightly in the front, framing your face. The wool in this hat comes from our own ram, Romulus,  who loves hugs and chin runs. The angora is from a number of our rabbits including the beautiful steel gray boy, Sterling. The texture of this hat is lightweight, warm, and just a little fuzzy. The braided tassels add a little flair of fun, but also a practical aspect for those blustery winter days when you can tie them under your chin. Hand wash gently, lay flat to dry. Fits an average adult.
$30 plus shipping, currently only 1 in stock!

Alpaca/Angora Hand Knitted Ear Warmer
Rich glowing brown Alpaca and creamy beige Alpaca/Angora blend come together in a luxurious combination of color and soft texture. Super stretchy pattern means one size will fit most anyone. Michigan grown, Michigan made! Hand Knitted and warm, this ear warmer will last for years! Hand wash, lay flat to dry without stretching. 
$15 each plus shipping. 
We have 4 in stock!

Picture coming soon! 
Alpaca/Llama and Wool Earm Warmer
Richly colored natural Alpaca and/or Llama comes together with a brightly dyed, hand spun turquoise Wool. Super stretchy pattern will fit a wide range of sizes. Hand knitted with Michigan grown and processed fibers!
$15 each plus shipping. Currently 3 in stock, with 1 more in progress!