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Our fibers are proudly Michigan grown and Michigan processed! Sourced from our own herd, and from farms across the Mitten!
Roving: 100% Alpaca 4 ounce packages,  $14 each. Michigan grown and processed!
Available colors:
Light fawn
Medium fawn
Light brown
Medium brown
Bay Black
True Black

Roving: 90% Alpaca, 10% Angora. 4 ounces, $18 (available in white only). Michigan grown and processed!



Raw Fiber Prices:
Prime Alpaca - $24/lb
Alpaca Seconds - $18/lb
Llama - $18/lb
Wool - $10/lb
Baby Alpaca - $28/lb
-Discounts available on purchases of 5lbs+, excludes baby.  
 Available colors may include:
Light, medium, and dark fawn
Light, medium, and dark brown
Rose gray
Silver gray
Bay Black 
True black
Spotted/multi colored fleeces may also be available.